Matteo Salvini: ‘Sardines’ pack in for Rome protest

Tens of thousands rally against the right-wing League party of Matteo Salvini, using sardines as their symbol. Read more »

Climate change: UN talks in Madrid hit rough waters

UN climate talks in Madrid appear to be in trouble as they head deep into extra time. Read more »

Omar al-Bashir: Sudan ex-leader sentenced for corruption

Bashir has been sentenced to two years for corruption - but cannot be jailed because of his age. Read more »

Citizenship Amendment Bill: India’s West Bengal hit by protests

The UK, US and Canada have warned people visiting India's north-east to "exercise caution". Read more »

N Korea conducts ‘crucial test’ – state media

Few details about the test have been released, but it is the second at the same site in less than a week. Read more »

Presidents Cup: Patrick Reed’s caddie involved in altercation withn fan

Patrick Reed's caddie is thrown out of the Presidents Cup in Melbourne after he "shoved" a fan who had been directing abuse at his player. Read more »

Australia heatwave: Next week could see hottest day on record

Fire warnings are in place for many areas including Perth, where temperatures are set to remain high. Read more »

Vladimir Putin: 20 years in 20 photos

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Myanmar Rohingya: Aung San Suu Kyi cuts a haunted figure in court

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Africa’s ‘condom king’ wants no more HIV infections

Kenyan Stanley Ngara gives out free condoms in his bid to encourage safe sex and lower HIV rates. Read more »