Trump Campaign Floods Web With Ads, Raking In Cash as Democrats Struggle

That campaigns are now being fought largely online campaign is hardly a revelation, yet only one political party seems to have gotten the message. Read more »

Biden Escalates Attack on Facebook Over False Political Ads

Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s presidential campaign sent Facebook a letter about a false video ad that a super PAC ran on the social network. Read more »

Mark Hurd, Co-Chief Executive of Oracle, Is Dead at 62

Mr. Hurd, who previously ran Hewlett-Packard and other technology businesses, had stepped aside last month from Oracle for health reasons. Read more »

In House Antitrust Hearing, Lawmakers Focus on Harms to Privacy

Members of Congress questioned whether the power of Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon could hurt consumer privacy. Read more »

The Week in Tech: Amazon Muscles In on Seattle Election

The hometown tech giant has contributed more than $1.4 million this year to influence City Council races. Read more »

China’s Cryptocurrency Plan Has a Powerful Partner: Big Brother

Facebook’s Libra project led Beijing to accelerate its efforts. The government could soon know a lot more about how people are spending. Read more »

Defiant Zuckerberg Says Facebook Won’t Police Political Speech

In an address at Georgetown University, the Facebook chief executive called for more free speech — not less — as his company has been assailed for allowing lies... Read more »

‘Stranger Things’ Helps Netflix Increase Subscribers

The streaming giant regained some footing after losing U.S. subscribers this year. But new rivals will make it tough for that growth to continue. Read more »

Europe’s Margrethe Vestager Takes a Rare Step Toward Big Tech

The E.U.’s top antitrust regulator ordered Broadcom to halt specific practices while the bloc investigates possible anticompetitive activity. Read more »

Save Some Popcorn for the Deal-Making Behind TV

Media companies merged to take on tech, and tech giants are producing media. Edmund Lee, a media reporter, has his eyes on what comes next. Read more »