Stormont deal: Executive to discuss government’s financial offer

The Northern Ireland executive is meeting to discuss the government’s offer of money to implement the Stormont deal.

It is understood Health Minister Robin Swann will also update the executive on his plans to resolve the pay parity dispute for health workers.

He is due to meet with health unions later on Tuesday.

Finance Minister Conor Murphy has said that the proposed financial support was “way short” of what was expected.

He was speaking following a meeting between the Stormont parties and Secretary of State Julian Smith where the financial offer was made.

The new finance minister said the government’s proposal did not go far enough.

“We have to analyse the verbal figures that were given to us tonight by the secretary of state, but my initial read of them is they fall way short and I wouldn’t tend to accept that,” he said.

“They can’t come today [Monday] and congratulate us for living up to our commitments and then not live up to their own.”

Earlier, the prime minister said the government had made “huge commitments” as part of the deal.

But he did not state how much money would be provided to support the deal, saying it was not about money but leadership.

The 10 new executive ministers are facing their first challenge – finalising the amount of money they are getting to sort out issues stalled over the past three years.

The executive has a raft of issues it wants to tackle and if it does not get the sum it was expecting, it may have to review its priorities.

The assembly is also due to sit later as MLAs meet to appoint the new chairs of Stormont’s nine scrutiny committees.


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