West Lane Hospital patients ‘at high risk of avoidable harm’

Two patients died in two months at the Middlesbrough centre, which has been rated inadequate.

High blood pressure in mid-30s may pose risk to brain health

People in their mid-30s need to watch their blood pressure to protect brain health in later life.

New drug for people who can bleed uncontrollably

NHS England is funding a new treatment for patients with severe haemophilia A.

Vitamin D: Add ‘sunshine vitamin’ to flour, study says

One in five UK adults doesn't get enough of the "sunshine vitamin", especially in winter.


Is Spam Trying to Tell Us Something?

Attn: Sir/Madam Dear Partner, I am writing to inform you of new developments on this matter.

Science & Environment

Millions of old gadgets ‘stockpiled in drawers’

Public urged to "recycle their tech" as rare, valuable materials in millions of old devices languish in...

Does the future of farming exist beneath city streets?

In a disused air raid shelter one company is growing crops, but what are the pros and...

G7 summit: Inside the climate activist training camp

Campaign groups in France are teaching people how to protest effectively, ahead of the G7 summit.

Former Farc rebels become eco-warriors to stop deforestation in the Amazon

Ex-Farc rebels in Colombia, who spent decades fighting the government over land and power, have reinvented themselves...

Education & Family

Shipping containers ‘used to house homeless children’

Office blocks are also being used to house families as 210,000 children are estimated to be homeless.